Suspect Steals Chevrolet Truck & Flatbed Trailer, Phoenix Police Arrest Him After Chase

  • June 24, 2012
  • recovery stories

During the weekend of April 20-22, 2012, thieves stole a 2004 Chevrolet 1 Ton Crew Cab Truck, and an attached 40-foot flatbed trailer. The theft was discovered when workers showed up for work on Monday morning, April 23; the owner quickly contacted the Phoenix Police Department to report the crime. After verifying the theft, Phoenix officers had the truck’s information entered into the state and federal crime computers, which activated the LoJack transponder concealed inside the Chevrolet.

Minutes later, Phoenix Police Department officers from the Central City Precinct began picking up the Chevrolet’s silent LoJack homing signal on the LoJack Police Tracking Computers installed in their police vehicles. Following the directional and audible signal of the LoJack Tracker, the officers located the occupied stolen truck, minus the trailer, near 31st Avenue and Buckeye Road. The driver attempted to evade the police for a few blocks and then fled on foot; officers observed him run into an apartment, where he was taken into custody after hiding in the bathroom.  

The LoJack Vehicle Recovery System was installed in the Chevrolet truck at the owner’s request in February 2004.