Montgomery County Police Recover Dodge Dakota Pickup, Parked and Abandoned

  • June 9, 2012
  • recovery stories

On April 5, 2012, the owner of a 2006 Dodge Dakota pickup reported the vehicle stolen to the Montgomery County Police Department. A Montgomery County officer responded to the scene and after conducting a preliminary investigation, and completed a vehicle theft report. All of the Dodge’s information was then entered into the Maryland and federal crime computer systems. This routine police action automatically activated the LoJack transponder concealed in the Dodge, thereby prompting the transponder to begin emitting a silent LoJack homing signal.  Neither the owner nor law enforcement agents had to do anything else to activate the LoJack Vehicle Recovery Network, as LoJack’s interface with law enforcement is both seamless and instantaneous.

Less than two hours later, a detective assigned to the Montgomery County Police Department received the Dodge’s silent LoJack homing signal on the LoJack Police Tracking Computer installed in his vehicle. The directional and audible signal of LoJack led officers to the intersection of Stehlik Drive and Lions Gate Lane in the Odenton area of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. There, the detective located the vehicle parked and unoccupied. The undamaged vehicle was recovered by police and returned to the owner.

The LoJack Vehicle Recovery System was installed in the Dodge Dakota pickup at the new car buyer’s request in August 2010.