Lincoln Welder Stolen from Chandler Construction Site, Recovered in Remote Area, One Arrested

  • May 25, 2012
  • recovery stories

On February 13, 2012, a contractor contacted the Chandler Police Department to report that a 2008 Lincoln Welder had been stolen from his construction site.

Chandler Police completed a report about the stolen equipment, and had the information entered into the state and federal crime computer systems. This routine police action automatically activated the LoJack transponder concealed in the equipment. Neither the owners nor law enforcement agents had to do anything else to activate the LoJack Vehicle Recovery Network, because LoJack’s interface with the police is both seamless and instantaneous.

While on routine patrol in a remote area of Pinal County, deputies with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department began to receive the silent Lojack homing signal from the stolen welder on the LoJack Police Tracking Computer installed in their police vehicle. The deputies followed the LoJack signal to a remote area two miles south of Bella Vista Road near Drifter Pass, where the welder was located and recovered. No suspects were found at the scene; however, follow-up investigation by a Pinal County deputy assigned to the “RATTLER” Auto Theft Task Force produced a suspect. After several days, the RATTLER task force located the suspect and after they took him into custody, discovered that the Dodge Ram pick-up the suspect was driving was also stolen. The suspect was booked into jail and faces multiple felony charges.  

The LoJack Vehicle Recovery System was installed in the welder at the owner’s request in December 2008.