LoJack System Foils Dodge Owner's Own Insurance Fraud Scam

  • May 22, 2012
  • recovery stories

On April 14, 2012, an Arizona man allegedly trying to commit insurance fraud was caught after the LoJack transponder installed in his 2007 Dodge Magnum alerted investigators to his crime.
Earlier – and unaware that the vehicle was equipped with LoJack – the suspect had reported the vehicle stolen to the Huntington Park Police Department and his insurance company. Seven minutes later, a patrol sergeant assigned to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Victor Valley Station, picked up the Dodge’s silent LoJack homing signal at 11th Avenue and Bear Valley Road. With additional units assisting, the sergeant quickly tracked and isolated the signal to a residence in the 11900 block of 10th Avenue in the City of Hesperia. There, the officers located the stolen vehicle, hidden at the rear of the location.
The officers contacted the owner (now suspect) to inform him that his vehicle had been located and that four other people were being detained. Through an investigation, the officers determined that the suspect had conspired with other family members to hide his vehicle, and then reported it stolen in an apparent insurance fraud scam. The suspect was arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Insurance Fraud, with other charges possibly pending. The District Attorney’s Office is also considering charges on his co-conspirators.
The LoJack Vehicle Recovery System was installed by the original owner at H.W. Hunter Inc. Chrysler/Plymouth in Lancaster, CA on October 9, 2007.