NYPD Officers Recover Lexus GS350 Stolen from the Street in Queens — Undamaged

  • May 14, 2012
  • recovery stories

The owner of a 2006 Lexus GS350 parked and locked his vehicle on the street in Ozone Park, Queens, where he was visiting someone. When he returned for his car, he found it missing and immediately called the Police of the 106pct, NYPD. When the police arrived, they took a written report, and had the Lexus’ information entered into the state and federal crime computers. This routine police action automatically activated the LoJack transponder concealed in the Lexus GS350. Neither the owner nor law enforcement agents had to do anything else to activate the LoJack Vehicle Recovery Network, as LoJack’s interface with the police is both seamless and instantaneous.

A short while later, officers with the Brooklyn South Auto Larceny Unit picked up the Lexus’ silent homing signal on the LoJack Police Tracking Computer installed in their patrol car. Following the computer’s directional cues, the officers tracked the vehicle to a residential area in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn. There, they located the vehicle, parked on a residential street.

The officers conducted surveillance on the Lexus for several hours, but when no one returned for the vehicle, they recovered the car. Examination of the vehicle revealed there was no damage to the vehicle, indicating that the vehicle was taken with a key.  The owner was notified and he was elated to know that his vehicle was recovered so quickly, especially with no damage.