Infiniti I30 Stolen from Owner’s Work, Recovered Minutes Later by Philadelphia Police Using LoJack

  • March 24, 2012
  • recovery stories

On the night of March 1, 2012, the owner of a 2000 Infiniti I30 left work to discover that the keys to his vehicle were missing. When he reached the parking lot where he had parked earlier that day, he discovered that his vehicle had been stolen.

The victim called 911 and Philadelphia Police Radio dispatched a 12th District Officer to investigate the incident. The officer arrived on location, interviewed the complainant and surveyed the area for the Infiniti. When the officer could not locate the vehicle, he prepared a stolen vehicle report and arranged to have information entered into the state and federal crime computers. This routine police action automatically activated the LoJack transponder concealed within the Infiniti. No further action was required by the owner or law enforcement agents, as the link between LoJack and the police is seamless and instantaneous.

A few minutes later, officers with the Philadelphia Police Department  began pick up the silent LoJack signal from the stolen Infiniti I30 on the LoJack Police Tracking Computers installed in their patrol vehicles. Following the directional and signal strength cues on the tracking computer, the officers tracked the Infiniti to the area of 1700 Frazier Street, where they observed the parked vehicle. The Officers cautiously approached the Infiniti and determined that it was unoccupied. The Infiniti was confiscated for safekeeping, and the owner notified of its recovery.