CHP West LA Uncovers Chop Shop, Recovers 2 Stolen Cars and 2 Stolen Motorcycles

  • February 21, 2012
  • recovery stories

Late in the day on December 11, 2011, California Highway Patrol officers received the silent LoJack signal from a 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo stolen earlier that afternoon from the LAPD Harbor area.  After receiving the description of the stolen vehicle, they tracked the signal, using computer cues, to the 500 block of 119th Street in Los Angeles. There, they located the vehicle, parked in a residential driveway. At the site, they also observed a 1993 GMC Sierra that was also reported stolen that afternoon.

Assisting officers from the West LA station arrived and secured the location.  During the that process, officers also spotted two Harley Davidson motorcycles; upon further investigation, they determined that the bikes were also stolen. Police verbally requested any occupants to exit the residence, but at that time, there was no response. The officers then contacted investigators from CHP ISU LA and requested they respond; when the investigators arrived, they observed vehicle parts, and determined that this location was a “Chop Shop”.

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators entered the garage, where they discovered numerous motorcycle parts, transmissions and engine and personal property of victims. While the search was in progress, a female resident arrived and was questioned. During the interview, the woman informed investigators that her brother had been working on the Chevrolet Monte Carlo and other vehicles.  Investigators identified and recovered the two stolen vehicles, two stolen Harley Davidson motorcycles, parts from two other stolen Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as stolen property from various victims.  The case was filed with the Los Angeles DDA, charging the suspect with Operating a “Chop Shop” and various other felonies. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the suspect.