LoJack’s Best Motorcycle Recovery Stories of All Time

  • January 4, 2012
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LoJack® continues to be No. 1 in theft recovery, with a recovery rate greater than 90% on cars and trucks. Since 1986, LoJack has recovered more than 300,000 stolen vehicles and construction equipment—worth nearly $4 billion.

Since entering the motorcycle market in 2005, the LoJack system has helped law enforcement recover over 2,500 LoJack-equipped stolen motorcycles.

LoJack has had some incredible recovery stories over the course of its 25+ years. Below are the motorcycle recoveries that stand out most

Thieves Attempt to Ship Stolen Motorcycle to Brazil

When the owner of a 2008 LoJack-equipped Honda CBR600 motorcycle reported it stolen to Richmond, CA, police, it was tracked to the second floor of an apartment building. Once a search warrant was obtained, officers found the motorcycle, with some of its parts already boxed, ready to be sent to Brazil. The motorcycle’s battery had been removed, but the LoJack unit was still sending out its signal on backup power.

Online Chop Shop Brought Down by LoJack

In this recovery, a LoJack-equipped Suzuki GSX600 led Chicago area police to a chop shop with not only multiple stolen motorcycles and engines, but also hundreds of stolen motorcycle parts that were ready to be sold online. Officers discovered that in the previous six months the thieves had sold stolen parts online in more than 200 transactions.

Best Story About Getting the Bad Guys

Police in Raleigh, North Carolina, tracked the signal from a stolen  2001  Suzuki TL1000 equipped  with LoJack® and discovered a theft ring involving 10  stolen  motorcycles (many of which had not even been  reported  stolen yet), a stolen trailer and a U-Haul truck. Further investigation  led police to arrest four suspects, who were charged with 33 felonies.

Best LoJack Early Warning Recovery

LoJack Early Warning notified the owner of a Yamaha YZF-R6 that his bike had been moved without permission from the parking lot of his apartment.  Police activated the system and within 20 minutes received the silent signal from the bike, which indicated it was on the move on a local interstate highway. Police then picked up a strong signal but instead of seeing a bike saw a Chevrolet cargo van driving nearby. As the police passed the van, the signal’s directional arrow reversed, indicating that the bike was inside the van. The police stopped the van, discovered the bike (plus two other stolen motorcycles) and arrested two suspects.

Most Valuable Recovery of Harleys

The owner of a 2006 Harley-Davidson Softail was attending the 2006 Las Vegas Bike Fest when his bike was stolen. Police tracked the bike’s LoJack signal to a residential garage in Southern California, where they recovered six additional Harleys valued at more than $200,000.

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