LoJack’s Best International Recovery Stories of All Time

  • December 20, 2011
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LoJack® continues to be No. 1 in theft recovery, with a recovery rate greater than 90% on cars and trucks. Since 1986, LoJack has recovered more than 300,000 stolen vehicles and construction equipment—worth nearly $4 billion.

LoJack has had some incredible recovery stories over the course of its 25+ years. Below are the international recoveries that stand out most

LoJack Proves to be Valuable Across European Borders

In July of 2007, LoJack’s French licensee was notified that a customer had had his Lamborghini Gallardo stolen while he was vacationing on the eastern coast of Italy. Thieves had broken into the house where the owner was vacationing and, using sleeping gas to subdue the victim, stolen the keys to his Lamborghini. LoJack’s French counterpart immediately reported the theft to LoJack Italia, which then activated the LoJack Recovery System. Through the LoJack system, Italian police located the vehicle on a highway leading from Rome to Naples. Italian State Patrol seized the vehicle and arrested two thieves.

LoJack’s International Presence and “Wolf” Solve Carjacking

In South Africa, four armed men opened fire on a driver and her passenger in a Toyota Hilux, seriously   injuring the driver and killing the passenger. The men pulled the occupants from the vehicle and drove off. Within minutes of the LoJack unit’s activation, authorities tracked the vehicle to a residential area. When they saw the authorities arrive, the suspects took off running. Authorities blocked off the area and called in Wolf, a highly trained German shepherd, that picked up their scent and quickly found one of the suspects hiding under a bush a few hundred yards from the vehicle. LoJack technology—and a little help from Wolf—led to an arrest.

Stolen Rental Car Leads to 200+ Stolen Rental Cars

A Spanish rental car company installed Detector (licensee of LoJack) on its fleet. When a customer who had rented a vehicle for two months failed to return the car  at the end of the agreement, the rental  company called authorities  to activate the system. Using LoJack’s Pan European network, authorities tracked the vehicle to a warehouse in Belgium, where 12 other stolen cars were discovered. The vehicles were all part of a massive theft operation involving more than 200 rental cars stolen from eastern Spain.

LoJack Recovers Stolen Vehicle, Trailer and 18 ATVs

In Argentina, LoJack recovered a stolen Mercedes-Benz vehicle and tractor-trailer in less than three hours. Thieves had stolen the vehicle and were on the run with the trailer, which was loaded with 18 stolen Yamaha ATVs. Soon after, police found the vehicle and trailer with its contents perfectly intact.

Stolen Vehicles Taken Across the Border, Chop Shop Busted

A 2003 Ford-250 was stolen out of California and tracked to a repair shop in Tijuana, Mexico. There, authorities found seven  other  vehicles—six  of which had  been  stolen  in the  U.S. and  taken  across the border—in various stages  of being disassembled.  One of the vehicles was a 1998 Dodge station wagon that had been used in a U.S. carjacking. The chop shop was dismantled, and the shop owner was arrested.

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