Police & LoJack Stop Fraudulent Buyer from Stealing Ford F-350 from Dealership

  • December 15, 2011
  • recovery stories

On Monday, December 5, 2011, an individual went to a dealership in Austin, Texas to buy a new pickup truck.  After meeting with a salesman, he agreed to buy a 2012 Ford F-350 truck. The man filled out the necessary financial paperwork and the sale was approved.  On Wednesday, December 7, 2011, the dealership discovered that the information the eventual suspect had given them was false and they reported their 2012 Ford F-350 pickup stolen to the Austin Police Department.  The vehicle’s information was then entered into the National Crime Information Center computer, which automatically activated the LoJack transponder concealed in the vehicle.
Just 14 minutes later, officers with the Richardson, TX Police Department picked up the silent LoJack signal emitting from the stolen pickup.  The LoJack signal allowed them to track this stolen pickup, which they observed traveling westbound in the 700 block of Arapaho.
Officers were able to stop this stolen pickup and arrest the driver.  The driver was the same suspect who bought this pickup fraudulently from the dealership.  Inside the suspect’s wallet, officers found someone else’s name and social security number written on a piece of paper.  This is an ongoing investigation.
Note: Portions of this story were obtained from the Richardson Police Department